Sunday, January 21, 2018

Taking some time tonight and most of tomorrow to do some rebranding. S0urce C0de has expanded a lot but the amount of players does not seem to have so that's something that we are definitely going to work to improve on. A lot of details have been updated including adding an optional ruleset for advanced gameplay. Wording has been adjusted to make understanding easier, such as changing archetypes to classes.

In an update on my 3D development I finally got a generator working for Landscapes and Terrain that I have put together. This definitely speeds up demoing. As of right now I'm working on doing at least one model of week, but depending on the scale that may vary.

I'm also getting back into my system of creating an audio library of the Skyrim books linked to my SoundCloud account if nothing else for voice practice.

I'm not sure exactly what lies ahead but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless!

A freelance design and voice actor currently on the East Coast and looking for even more opportunities and experiences! Games and story telling are my passion and my passion makes me work that much harder to achieve my goals!


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