I'm Gabriel Hicks

I am a freelance voice actor and game designer currently living on the East Coast. I worked for years leading a small team in the design and development of a tabletop RPG by the name of S0urce C0de taking a cyberpunk open world but with a system adaptable to new players to learn how to get involved in the genre easier. I spend a lot of time recording a personal podcast by the name of Unicorn Chat that is focused on positive attitudes and self help, as well as run a social media twitter page focused on my game design and other notes in the gaming world. My current voice acting project is voicing the character Trey in the upcoming game "The Office Type" being designed by Heavy Thoughts Studios! You can find me streaming on twitch @ www.twitch.tv/gabejamesgames or catch my podcast episodes at https://altomvisual.podbean.com/

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Science

Development and Sales

Fun to 11

Lead Designer

S0urce C0de Studios

Voice Actor

Heavy Thought Studios

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Digital Game Design

I spend a majority of my design time in the program Unity although I do delve into Unreal on occassion. In Unity I've already directly linked my Maya so that transferring designs, textures, and animations is so much easier. My specialty is in level design and positioning. I am extremely passsionate about telling a story even if just from the enviroment.


My recording camera is a Everio JVC FullHD that I use in juncture with both Adobe Premiere Pro as well as Filmora for my videography projects. I've recently been in a swing of creating music videos out of CC / Royalty free songs to see what stories I can tell or emotions I can bring to the surface.

Voice Work

Currently working with a Blue Snowball microphone and editing my audio inside of Audacity, I record a podcast called Unicorn Chat at Podbean focused around positivity and growth, as well as am looking to involve myself in more work. I recently accepted the voicing of Trey in the upomcing game The Office Type!

3D Modeling

The majority of my modeling experience in done inside of Maya (2018). My prime focus is structural design of buildings or houses but I also do objects and occassionally weapons as well. There are a few examples of my work below and in the 3D section of my page if you are interested in seeing more references. My focus on structures and buildings is just because of the passion I have related to level design. I love to be able to tell a story from a place.

Tabletop Game Design

I spent a couple years (and on occassion do work with them at conventions for sales or new game announcements) working with the independent game studio Fun To 11 working on designs for multiple board games. This included explain rules, playtesting, and even following the guidelines to non-discloure agreements. Later I teamed with an artist and edtior to create my tabletop S0urce C0de. It is a mix of cyberpunk meets fantasy using aspects of the d20 system. With a succesful kickstater launch reaching over $2,000 and now with three published handbooks I continue working and writing preparing for expansions and a version 2.0

Writing and Storyboarding

An avid writer, after being the lead writing for my roleplaying game, as well as an often Game Master / Dungeon Master running and writing up sessions. Strongly interested in positions as a script engineer but also in writing related to social media. My twitter is mainly used for gaming related news or interest but also a frequent reminder of success as always a possibility. I enjoy to be able to create and manage a community.

Progress and Work

Portfolio Video

An updated video to my general work that I've done over this past year. Proud of how much I've done!

Scifi Level

An updated version of my new scifi level and I'm really enjoying how it is coming along so far! I'm definitely gonna work on implementing the FPS system into it after I get a larger scale of the level together, have anything set up with colliders, and rig some of the models. All in all I'm really happy with this progress!

Dungeon Continuation!

A redesign of the original dungeon design I had been working on previously, now working on adding multiple floors to the design itself.


So I've started uploading old models to Sketchfab. I love the ability to look at them from a 3D view since they are 3 dimensional designs and I've been recommended it for so long that I finally took the jump and put it all together. A lot of my unity work will be missing from Sketchfab because of it being designed and linked together inside of unity BUT I will go on and make the active effort to keep up screenshots

S0urce C0de Updates

Been working on a lot of Updates for S0urce C0de lately and pretty proud with most of them.
The biggest thing is finishing up the combined handbook of the beast, gm, and player's guide. This will make getting all of the information so much easier and quicker for players. Also working on finishing different character ideas for the field guide and hoping to have the content and characters completed by the first 7th of October as a date and goal.I definitely see it as plausible and viable so just have to keep on pushing until it is done!

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