S0urce C0de

S0urce C0de’s character building is designed so you can take a starting template and create something completely different. There are Archetypes, or character progressions, to choose from, that give skills and abilities by default, and have options to build on from there. This fantasy-meets-science-fiction RPG (role playing game) was inspired by many other games. Inside these pages you’ll find a variety of character races, skills, talents, traits, and more. The game itself uses a variant D20 system. Inside of the drop down bar above is a link to the shop where it is available for purchase.

S0urce C0de is meant to generate the same level of play and enjoyment that other, similar tabletop games allow for, but also to expand it in some ways. There is the capability for high-tech futuristic or apocalyptic dystopia. Your character may be as intricate as you decide to make them. There is no penalty for taking multiple classes to try and shape a character more in the way that you’d like.It was designed with the subject in mind of allowing a person to build a versatile character with few restrictions in how they grow, but give them a large amount of a capability outside of their class.

A few example races from S0urce C0de from top to bottom are the Anbit, Adma Nen, and Vainus.

Jackal like humanoids with a natural connection to their Psionic bonds. Of the Lupine races these seem to be the ones with the oldest heritage. This being the case, they frequently view Psionics and the use of them as natural as breathing. They can use their Psionic circuit to create a booming sound from their voice which then creates such force that it can be used to attack. They share the most with the Adma Nen when it comes to a natural Psionic understanding although many Anbit are known to be extremely competitive when it comes to dealing with Adma Nen as there is a sense of aiming for superiority.

Originally humans, the Adma Nen evolved over centuries of adapting and honing their minds and bodies to take full advantage of their innate Psionic circuits. Over the years the changes manifested physically, turning their hair a crimson red and causing their eyes to emit an orange glow. 
This continuous development of their Psionic circuit grants them prowess in all things Psionic.
All Adma Nen can tap their Psionic circuit to some extent, as they are born with an innate pool of Psionic energy to draw from. Many of them follow the path of the Magus and Technomancer, becoming peerless Psionic warriors. The centuries of training and adaptation manifested in the younger generations gaining the ability to conjure a natural Psionic weapon at will. They refer to this phenomenon as a “Bonded Weapon” created from pure Psionic energy. The Adma Nen are never truly defenseless, even in the direst of situations.

The Vainus are pale and visually almost identical to humans. A testament to mankind’s hubris, their original creation was through genetic mutation and manipulation of the human genome. Homo Vainus became a race of its own, although very few know the secret of their origin and even fewer are willing to share it. By design, their genetics were altered to mimic the regeneration of the Meka, although their creators were not able to recreate the process perfectly and thus it functions at a lesser capacity. Their physiology was not prepared to withstand the constant regenerative flux, which reduced their overall life expectancy


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